KidsGames Camp in HKNews

Hong Kong

19 July 2016 - 8 August 2106

News from HK KidsGames Camp 2015

This year we have 200 Kids and leaders in Camp, we use Lacrosse for Sports training, the kids love it, its so much fun, kids love to hear bible story discovery and games, with small group discussions, kids learn a lot and enjoy the whole camp!!! We also create Kids Media for kids to participate!

In the Olympic year 2016, there will be 2 large KidsGames Camp for 2day 3nights in Hong Kong, we will meet 300 or more kids and children ministry leaders in both camp. There are more than 10 churches partner together to serve! Our Sports Training session for this year are Rugby and Dodgebee!!! Will be super FUN! Looking forward to it~~~~